When most people turn 21, they celebrate by going out drinking with their friends. Adele used her life experiences as a 21-year-old to create one of the best-selling (and critically acclaimed) albums of all time. It’s an album that shares the kind of heartbreak and loss that many young women have dealt with. However, the difference is Adele was able to channel that emotion and turmoil into a complete, beautiful — and sometimes cleverly vicious — album. “21” spurred three No. 1 songs: “Rolling in the Deep,” “Someone Like You” and “Set Fire to the Rain” — and “Rumour Has It” was a top 20 hit worldwide as well. And she really did do it her way, by writing songs from her heart that captured the essence of a women going through intense life mileposts. The ex-lover who spurned her allegedly told Adele that she would be “boring and lonely” without him. Today, the world knows Adele and could not give a crap about him. So cheers to you, Adele, for “21!”

You can listen to 21 by Adele on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon. 


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