In our inaugural “Listener’s Choice” episode and final epipod of Season 1, we tackle the third album from Run the Jewels. RTJ combines the best attributes of rap and hip hop: fierce and insightful lyrics that make you think from a different point of view, and insane beats and production that transport you to dystopian, apocalyptic streets. Wrapped up within the fierce fire of RTJ’s lyrics are humor, vulnerability, and a sincere desire to make things better. That sincerity comes through by the fact that this group has made every one of its albums available as a free download. RT&J is the new PB&J … and it’s delicious.

References in this Epipod:

You can buy or stream Run The Jewels 3 online at iTunes,  Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon. 



2 thoughts on “Run The Jewels – RTJ 3

  1. Davis, Matt's friend says:

    Merry Christmas, gents! I’ve listened to every epipod, and while I’ve felt corrections were warranted in the past, I’ve never felt so strongly as I do for this one.

    The line in “Legend Has It” about the reindeer seems to me to be yet another pop culture reference to The Simpsons.

    Their first full-length episode to air, exactly 30 years ago today, as it turns out, was the Christmas special, “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire,” in which Homer gets a job as a mall Santa to try and earn some Christmas money.

    During Santa training, he is apparently required to list the reindeer:

    • Davis, we feel nothing but shamed after being Out-Simpsoned by El-P. Not only can he out-produce and out-rap us, now this.

      Nice catch, and Killer Mike would be proud of his fellow Georgian. and THANKS FOR LISTENING! Keep on keepin’ us real.

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