Air drummers of the world, UNITE! This seminal album by the classic Canadian prog rock band Rush has been a long time coming for one Matt and a bitter pill to swallow for the other Matt. Clocking in at a concise (for them) 40 minutes, “Moving Pictures” was the album that took the trio from the world of mystical, dystopian rock operas to certified radio stars — while retaining street cred to the nerds. “Tom Sawyer” is an undeniable classic rock titan. “Limelight” tells the story of a superstar who doesn’t want to be a superstar — all the while ironically leading to said star becoming a superstar. And while “Moving Pictures” is a “pop” hit by Rush standards, it still retains elements of their earlier days with technically-sound instrumentals (“YYZ”), multi-movement sagas (“The Camera Eye”) and even paranoia/Big Brother elements (“Witch Hunt”). It also has a kick-ass car song (“Red Barchetta”).

You can listen to Moving Pictures by Rush on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon. 


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