If it seemed like England’s The Sundays came out of nowhere in the early 1990s it’s because, well, they sorta did. The dreampop quartet didn’t start out with the idea of being major music stars — they just wanted to have a little fun and make some music. But there were a couple problems with this: Harriet Wheeler and David Gavurin. Harriet’s lilting, songbird voice made her one of the most distinctive female voices in pop music; and the gorgeous guitar work by David made The Sundays alternative rock gold. Their 1990 debut, “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic,” was released in 1990 — less than two years after they formed. “Here’s Where the Story Ends” made them massive indie stars in the United States, while “Can’t Be Sure” (their first single) was lauded in the UK. The Sundays would go on to create two more beautiful albums before settling into a more normal life. They are still missed.

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