How does a young songwriter come back from releasing a mega hit that EVERYBODY knows? For Van Morrison, he followed the success of “Brown Eyed Girl” with two different approaches. First came “Astral Weeks,” an album built on and around Morrison’s jazz upbringing. Next came “Moondance,” which bridged the gap (eventually) between his love of various genres of music with a nod to a more pop-friendly format. It worked. Like “Brown Eyed Girl,” the title track has since become a standard, but the album is so much more than that. “And It Stoned Me” tells the nostalgiac story of a trip when he was younger — in a way that only Van could tell it. “Crazy Love” is a blueprint for how a love song should be written. “Caravan” fused Morrison’s love of blues and soul to create a timeless tune. And “Into the Mystic” is among Rolling Stone’s top 500 songs of all time. And that’s just side 1 of the album. With  “Moondance,” Morrison further established himself as one of his generations’ great troubadours.


You can listen to Moondance by Van Morrison on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, and Amazon, although it’s probably best on vinyl.