“Hooray for Hollywood / That screwy ballyhooey Hollywood …”
Just in time for this year’s Academy Awards, Finest Worksongs is offering up our first-ever Oscars Edition where we feature a movie soundtrack. And what a doozy. The &#%!@ album we chose is so &#%!@ good, so innovative and clever, that we just had to &#%!@ talk about it. “Pulp Fiction” was such a game-changer of a film; however, you can’t talk about the movie without talking about how methodical the song choices were for the soundtrack. Quentin Tarantino’s choice of surf music, funk, country, love songs and more – not to mention the decision to include dialogue from the movie itself on the soundtrack album — not only extended the lasting power of the movie, but also ingrained so many of the lines, scenes and characters into our psyche some three decades later. It is, as is said in the movie, some serious gourmet &#%!@.


You can listen to Pulp Fiction: Music From the Motion Picture on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, and Amazon.